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Is your credit score less than perfect!

If your household income is at least $3800 a month and you have been working at the same job for over 2 year and your FICO score is over 500 we could have a loan program for you, with a soft-credit pull which does not hurt your overall credit score we can pre-qualify you on the spot.     click the above image to submit your pre qualification application

First-time home buying

1st time home buyersThere are many types of loans and programs to help you purchase your first home with little or no-down payment. You may even qualify to buy a home with as little as $500 out-of-pocket, where the seller pays all of your closing costs and could even contribute cash towards your outstanding debt obligations.

Move-up purchases 

Move-up purchaseWe help customers leverage their assets to purchase their second or move-up homes before they sell their current residence or after. No matter your preference, we have loan options to meet your needs. 

What Is a Mortgage?

what is a mortgage?A mortgage is a loan secured by real estate. In other words, in return for the funds necessary to purchase a home, a lender, gets your promise to pay back the funds over a certain period at a certain cost. 

Manage your life with a fixed-rate mortgage 
Enjoy the security of knowing your monthly payment will not increase for the life of the loan. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a savvy real estate investor, we are committed to finding you the best possible financing solution for your unique needs.


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